Taking a legacy retail watch brand digital

Gorilla Watches, a Swiss watch brand fueled by a passion for horology, turned to our team to fuel up their digital presence. Known for their classic car-inspired timepieces available in retail locations globally, our strategy helped Gorilla Watches expand their reach and drive sales.

Tackling advertising uncertainty

Gorilla Watches approached our team with no prior experience in digital advertising. They were looking to test the waters without a significant budget, uncertain about which platforms to focus on and what to test. Our team helped them define their target audience and create a cost-effective ad campaign that yielded positive results.

"Gorilla Watches has been one of our favourite international partnerships. They have given us autonomy to spend budgets as we see fit to achieve best results as well as valuing our suggestions and expertise."
Reza Askari
Partner & Account Manager

ROI in first month


ROAS over campaign lifecycle


million impressions delivered

Testing out our chops

Our team tested hundreds of ad sets to determine who the target audiences were, where they lived, what their habits were, what type of content resonated best with them. To accomplish this, we utilized a variety of platforms including Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Performance Max Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, and Facebook Ads.

Through the testing process, we discovered that all platforms yielded positive results, so we continued to optimize ads on each platform and adjust budgets accordingly to where the best results were coming from. This approach allowed us to maximize return on investment until we reached diminishing returns.

No more monkeying around

The results of our campaign for Gorilla Watches were outstanding. In the first month alone, we were able to increase their return on investment by 100x. This performance was sustained over several years, resulting in a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 5x. Additionally, we delivered over 100 million impressions, further solidifying the brand's presence as an online retail giant.

"[Brandcamp has] built us many successful campaigns on Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. They've given us data-backed support and suggestions for social media strategy, search engine optimisation, email marketing, etc. It has been nice to see a proactive team that continually makes suggestions for optimization."
Lukas G.