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Working with Rory to build our first campaign was like a dream come true. He asked good questions and really listened to our answers. That's what we love about working with the whole Brandcamp team. The communication is amazing and we actually feel heard.

Emilio & Sam - Co - Owners, KWPO Academy
Vancouver, Bc
our clients emilio and sam

Having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing before, I needed to see that we would track performance to ensure ROI. I also wanted to know that my business would be well represented, as we are in a crucial growing phase. I have been very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. They brought me an in-depth content plan that emphasized my goals and vision. They understand performance and set their strategies around results.

James Clift - Founder, Holopod
Vancouver, Bc
our client james

Our clinic noticed an immediate uptick in ad performance when they took over from our previous agency. We weren’t unhappy with our previous agency because we felt like we were the ones going to them with marketing suggestions. They've been proactive with recommendations which is new to us. We also really appreciate their candor when it comes to telling us what we could be doing better on our side.

Matthew Spina, North Simcoe Physiotherapy
Oshawa, ON
our client matt

I couldn't be more thankful for the folks at Brandcamp. They stepped in during a point of massive growth for us. We are also a digital marketing agency and though our product is strong, our operations were in desperate need of streamlining our internal processes. It's always terrifying to open your business up and let people audit everything you've built, but I felt comfortable sharing every intimate detail with this team. They really are a group of experts and my team certainly has reaped the rewards of this. Through the optimizations that came out of this project, I estimate that I'll have saved at least $72,000 in employee wages in 2021 alone.

Gabby Dickert, Good Commerce
Vancouver, BC
our client gabby

As a small team building a complex new business, NextGen Kitchens has presented Brandcamp with a lot of unique challenges and questions. They have continued to manage and accommodate our needs, going beyond expectations to find solutions, present new ideas and help us.

Martina Serra, NextGen Kitchen
Vancouver, BC
our client martina

As an indie podcast, we rely on a following of dedicated listeners to help us share our work. BrandCamp did a phenomenal job of setting up a welcome package and strategy for our mailing list, so that it’s easier than ever for a new subscriber to become a super fan – informed, engaged, and enthusiastic. Thanks to Brandcamp for putting themselves in the shoes of a new listener, understanding their needs, and asking all the right questions.

Mendel Skulski, Future Ecologies
Vancouver, BC
our client mendel

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