Helping small home builders make big moves in BC’s competitive real estate market

Standing out in a saturated market takes data, dedication, and a whole lot of strategic ad placements. We helped Smallworks make its mark by honing in on their most qualified customers.

Addressing long lead times

Smallworks is British Columbia's largest laneway home builder. They build beautiful small homes that focus on sustainability, innovation, and design solutions. They were looking to increase lead generation and recall through remarketing ads. They have an expensive product, and prospective buyers needed to see their offering more than once before committing to a sale. As well, they were looking to get even more granular data on their target audience.

"We have been working to improve and optimise the targeting to increase the quality of traffic to Smallwork’s website. We’re currently focused on Google Search, Youtube, and Instagram where we’re seeing increasingly positive results despite a recession in the housing market."
Reza Askari
Partner & Account Manager

leads generated


Increased page duration


Increase in site traffic

Nurturing audiences from first-touch to sale

To help Smallworks increase lead generation and recall through remarketing ads, our team began by optimizing their Google Search ads. We introduced more longtail keywords and moved away from broad terms to include more phrase and exact match. This resulted in more purposeful keyword targeting, leading to higher quality leads. Remarketing ads were also launched to improve recall.

The next step was to gain a deeper understanding of Smallworks' target audience. By identifying the 4 main personas that Smallworks aimed to reach and gathering information such as their interests, location, etc, we were able to more effectively target our ads, resulting in more successful lead generation and recall.

Small homes, big moves

Our solutions for Smallworks resulted in a significant increase in lead generation, with over 200 leads generated. Additionally, our strategies led to an increase in page duration by 40% or more, and an overall increase in site traffic by 6%.  

We recently marked one year of working together, and we're excited to continue helping Smallworks in their mission to improve space utilization for families and individuals in Vancouver.

"Reza joined our marketing team last year and we've been delighted with the results. Brandcamp has been nimble enough to roll with our changing strategy during these strange economic times, and the proof is in the pudding - we're getting solid results with our new strategy, and Brandcamp's cooperation and input have been crucial."
Robbie Slade
Director of Sales and Marketing, Smallworks