Bold logos for Beedie developments, all approved in the first round

Finding the right logo for your development project doesn't have to be painstaking. We've created and approved six brand packages for Beedie developments with no edits needed.

Battling oversaturation in the development market

Beedie is the largest private industrial land owner, developer and property manager in Western Canada. With a lot of competition in the area, we had to be sure that Beedie's new brand packages differentiated them from their contemporaries. Beedie wanted their builds to be timelessly modern, so they requested a proposal from us to see if our values were in line with theirs. After analysis, Beedie selected our offer over several competitors and launched us on an initial project to see our work.

Working with Beedie has been an absolute treat, everyone on their team has been nothing but professional. We had heard that once you impress Beedie, they are with you for life -- it's been 2 years and counting. We're looking forward to years of partnership.
Reza Askari
Account Manager

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five star testimonial


1st round approvals

Pairing modern and classic designs

We chose to embrace their history in construction and development while showing innovation and modernity with each logo. We achieved this by pairing classic fonts with bold colours that still managed to stand out without overpowering the design. Our design team worked hard to create something modern and classic that could appeal to potential customers. We have created six distinct brand identities (logos, colour palettes, typography, etc.) for Beedie developments:

  • Rise at Point Trotter
  • Five66 Business Center
  • Skyline Business Center
  • The Quad at Campbell Heights
  • Three Oaks Business Center
  • Lincoln by Beedie

First round approval, every time

Every project we've done with Beedie has been approved in the first round. No edits needed, no changes required, just an immediate green light. We've proven our value and now continue to be a trusted partner for a steady stream of projects. Take it from Beedie themselves, who gave us a five star review.

The creative process with Beedie has been amazing. Their clear vision and quick approvals has made each project a creative breeze. Six successful collaborations and counting!
Alex Dewar
Senior Brand Designer