Increasing organic site traffic with longform blogs

Building a startup means getting people to trust your product. Longform, thought-leadership blog content solidified Holopod’s stake in the industry.

To gain a following, you need recognition

Holopod is a growing Slack integration service that had already established some search authority through intent-driven, resource-heavy content. Now, they were looking to establish themselves as industry leaders to further cement themselves in the remote work world.

Direct intent content is a great way to start driving traffic to your site. But once your audience is there, what will they learn about you? This is when thought-leadership and value-driven content shines.
Hannah Macready
Brandcamp Content Manager

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increase site acquisition

Content writing with an emphasis on ROI

Holopod is all about the numbers. They were looking for a strategy that was inclusive of, but went beyond, creativity. One that would deliver returns, garner backlinks, and improve their wider digital performance.

With this in mind, we concentrated on longform, leadership-driven content to improve their overall SEO. Topics centred around remote work pain points, including communication etiquette, time management, and virtual office success. We also set up a guest blogging strategy on popular remote work sites to propel their backlinking plan. Each blog rested around 2,000 words and included detailed competitor keyword research to further boost the brand.

Longform content increased Holopod page views by 155%

With the introduction of our longform content, Holopod managed to improve their organic search rankings, time on page metrics, and overall page views. This evergreen, strategy-driven content will only compound over time, making it an ongoing, lucrative resource as Holopod grows.

This case proved that content marketing can be performance driven. If you approach a problem with data, goals, and the skill to create something new, you can connect with your audience and improve your inbound efforts at the same time.

Having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing before, I needed to see that we would track performance to ensure ROI. I also wanted to know that my business would be well represented, as we are in a crucial growing phase. Brandcamp brought me an in-depth content plan that emphasized my goals and vision. They understand performance and set their strategies around results.
James Clift, Founder

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