High-converting Facebook ads on a $100 budget

COVID-19 slashed marketing budgets, but businesses still needed to perform. We helped North Simcoe Physiotherapy convert new customers with resourceful Facebook advertising.

In a global pandemic, margins are slim

North Simcoe had already seen success with Google ads, which are effective in converting users who are already searching for your product or service. We challenged them to take a chance on Facebook ads, which inspire intent through creative media.

The beauty of Facebook ads is they give local businesses access to the same audiences as international brands, which is a game changer because it helps to level the playing field.
Ekke Kanda
Brandcamp Paid Ad Strategist

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We proved you can find value in the tools you already have

North Simcoe was already established on marketing platforms and had run paid ads in the past. Though they hadn’t seen the returns they were looking for, they were interested in learning a new approach.

We started by pulling together their Facebook, Google, and Instagram analytics to better segment their audiences. We also tested against interest groups. For example, people who were interested in high-impact activities or worked in offices. The data pulled and collected in this stage will be available to North Simcoe for future campaigns.

In just one month, North Simcoe’s bookings went up

In the days following our launch, North Simcoe Physiotherapy noticed an immediate uptick in bookings and calls. Throughout the 30-day campaign in October, we spent only $100 and increased their reach by more than 8,000.

This case proved that although a business’s Google Ads may be performing well, Facebook Ads tap into new audiences and speak to your customers in a connective way. You don’t need a huge budget to test the merit, just a dedicated team, and a winning attitude.

Our clinic noticed an immediate uptick in ad performance and foot traffic when they took over from our previous agency. They've been proactive with recommendations which is new to us. We also really appreciate their candor when it comes to telling us what we could be doing better on our side.
Matthew Spina, Physiotherapist
North Simcoe Physiotherapy

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