Firing up local pottery studio with an e-commerce website.

New e-commerce website helps local ceramics studio automatically process hundreds of pottery students and save time on customer support with automated emails.

Hand Eye Ceramics studio came to Brandcamp Digital to transition their website to an e-commerce solution that could handle all of their sales and customer support.

Hundreds of classes with no easy way to sign up.

Hand Eye Ceramics is one of the busiest pottery studios in Vancouver. They run multiple classes and workshops every day of the week, along with a pottery wheel rental program, and studio memberships.

They had a barebones static website and a manual sign up process. People interested in a pottery class would email or call to get more information, and then send an e-transfer to register, at which point the owner had to send each and every one of them an email confirming their registration, along with all of the information that new students need.

“A small business owner never has enough time for everything, so to be able to take a big chunk of customer support, payment processing, and new instructor training off of James’ plate felt fantastic. Not having to send 100s of emails every month means he can spend more time building his business.”
Rory Johnston
Partner & Account Manager
1,000+ orders

processed automatically


abandoned cart recovery rate

12.9% conversion rate

4x industry average

Easy payment processing and automated emails

After auditing the existing website and meeting James, the owner, to assess the business needs, the Brandcamp team professionally photographed the studio, and designed a new e-commerce website. The new site displayed the full year’s worth of 6-week courses (150+) and allowed a prospective student to easily check out and register for their preferred course.

To save time spent replying to basic questions, and emailing out order confirmations and class resources, we built a comprehensive student resource page, along with 7 email automations and a dynamic contact form that would send the appropriate email and resources.

Students showing up paid and prepared.

E-Commerce & Customer Support:

Since class registration emails are now sent out automatically—with links to the Student Resources page— hundreds of students have registered, paid, and shown up prepared for their first pottery class.

The dynamic contact form, combined with the automated emails, has also sent out hundreds of emails that would previously have been manually composed, saving countless hours. Hand Eye Ceramics no longer has to answer every question that comes in about date nights, open studios, and wheel rentals.

Instructor Training

Another pain point was every time a new instructor onboarded, they had to absorb a huge amount of information to know the 6-week process for each class, along with the particular methods for firing the kiln and recycling clay. Brandcamp created a password-protected instructor module on the website and wrote 7,000+ words across 6 pages that formed a week-by-week resource that new instructors could refer back to.

“I really like the look of the new site, and it’s saved me time on many fronts. Not having to personally handle every new pottery student sign-up and question that comes through the website leaves me with a lot more time.”
James Kemp
Owner, Hand Eye Ceramics