Conquering ROI with Google Search Ads

An inability to track your performance metrics will leave you wondering if your ads are actually working. To truly understand your return on investment, you need to get granular.

Demystifying paid campaigns for a growing wellness brand

Symmetry Massage owns a group of massage therapy clinics in Colorado. They had been running ads with a previous agency but weren’t given the tools to understand their results. They were looking to track key performance indicators (KPIs) that would better showcase return on investment.

“Return on investment (ROI) is the most important factor in a paid campaign. If you're putting money in, you need to know how much value you're getting back. It always comes down to tracking and attribution-- are you able to track and attribute all conversion points effectively, and are there any gaps in your data? That's the only way to prove your ROI.”
Rowan Springfield
Brandcamp Senior Paid Ad Strategist

clicks to call


clicks to view location page


gift card ordres placed

We gave them the tracking they needed to visualize their returns

Symmetry needed to understand their results. They wanted clear, performance-based metrics that would guide them through their future campaigns.

Once we audited their previous agency’s work, we set up goals and funnels on Google Analytics to better track their user journeys. We wanted to see where users were landing and what steps they were taking next. If people were dropping off between the landing page and the booking forms, what steps could we take to direct them to the end of the funnel?

Through conversion tracking, we discovered how many users were clicking to call, clicking on location links, calling directly, buying gift cards, and visiting the contact-us page. From there, we optimized the ads themselves based on findings from our audit.

Some examples of opportunities we found in our audit:

Keyword coverage & Usage
  • They were only using phrase-match as a match type. It is important to include the use of exact-match to target top-performing keywords. We also included broad match modified terms like “+massage +near +me” to capture consumers that were searching for terms similar to “massage near me” like “acupressure near me” or “nearest massage clinic”
  • All keywords were set to have the same bid. For the broadest “massage” terms, bids were much lower to improve clicks and make room in the budget for long-tail keyword terms
  • 75% of all of the keywords had a low-quality score. This is poor and shows low relevance of ads to keywords and landing pages.
Bid Modifiers
  • They were not modifying their bids to target different devices optimally (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc)
  • Audiences had no active bids. They did not have in-market or re-marketing audiences set up.
Ad Quality & Tactics
  • Site-link extensions were being under-utilized
  • There was no evidence of using structured snippets
  • There was no a/b testing of different CTAs and copy to improve potential click-through rate over time

Our ads brought in calls, bookings, gift cards, and clients

We spent a total of $628 to drive 362 clicks to call. All of this was possible during extremely tight American COVID-19 restrictions. Symmetry’s own longstanding success rates made our job that much easier--  they have over 500+ 5 star reviews and a reputation for doing well by their clients.

We reached out to Brandcamp to audit our previous ad agency’s work. We weren’t sure if the results were good or not and we were not receiving guidance. We are now receiving reports from our project managers that tell us how many calls we’re getting due to the ads which show us a much better case for ROI than how many impressions we were getting. There aren't enough superlatives to describe Brandcamp, they are our Marketing Superheroes!!
Kina Ueda, Owner
Symmetry Massage Therapy

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