180% increase in online traffic for Canadian interior design company

White Dahlia Design is an interior design company with a small but loyal following. They were looking to scale up, branch out, and increase their customer base with targeted online advertising.

Interior design with a digital twist

White Dahlia Design is an interior design company that remotely helps people transform and enhance their space. As an online business, they weren't able to rely on word-of-mouth and local referrals like more traditional businesses. They wanted to use advertising as a way to connect with potential customers and grow. But, they had a few pressing questions:

1) Is this business something that we can grow through ads?

2) Do our landing pages convey what they need to in order to be as relevant as possible to our ad traffic and target audience's needs?

3) How can we track conversions such that we aren't just measuring clicks, but rather measuring things that are more tied to return on investment (ROI).

“White Dahlia's success is remarkable - we've generated no less than 22 leads in under a month at only $470 spend! We are absolutely crushing it with this strategy.”
Rowan Springfield
Senior Ad Strategist at Brandcamp

Cost Per Acquiring a new customer


increase in online traffic


increase in session duration

Measuring what matters most

Brandcamp established conversion tracking to better track return on investment on ad spend on White Dahlia’s website. They were originally just tracking button clicks, but we wanted to also track contact form completions, scheduled consultation bookings, and new client portal account builds. 

We also built and tested a range of ads on Google Search, Facebook, and Instagram to measure what was most effective in terms of content and visuals. We started with fairly broad targeting sticking to geographic locations where there would be some name recognition. From there, we analyzed what types of audiences were best resonating with our content, then spread the net across the rest of Canada. We continued to optimize  and refine the targeting based on which audiences were providing the greatest return.

Digital marketing that delivers

Our efforts have brought an increase in new customers, and a noticeable lift in website traffic, leading to higher conversion rates for client inquiries and potential bookings. White Dahlia has been able to increase its ad budget, and is even starting two other businesses for which Brandcamp will be providing support. We’re excited to help them grow now, and far into the future.

“Reza and his team helped my business with Google Ads and we saw a big uptake on potential clients booking calls. What I love about him and the team is their complete transparency, you know they are honest and not just hoping to make a good quick dollar.”
Gloria Song
Owner, White Dahlia Design